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Inappropriate Ads

Our site forbids the posting of:

  • Firearm ads (recreational air guns are OK)
  • Pornography
  • Obscene words
  • Discriminatory or racist listings
  • Fraudulent ads or other ads that we deem to have the appearance of impropriety or a possible connection to any criminal enterprise.
  • Any other listing that we deem inappropriate or in contravention of generally accepted standards of decency.

We have full discretion to remove any ads that we believe violate our standards specified above and in the Membership and Privacy Policy. We may or may not refund any fees paid in connection with ads that are removed pursuant to our rules and policies.

Consequences of violating market rules

Any misconduct on the Site is subject to the following penalties (and combination of which will determined in the sole discretion of eTradeAds):

  • Formal Warning
  • Removal of Listing with NO REFUND
  • Suspension for a set period (to be determined by us)
  • Indefinite Suspension
  • Permanent Membership Revocation
  • Legal Action Beyond the Market Site

To report abuse, click the "Report to Moderator" link in any ad on the site.

What is considered misconduct? The following conduct will subject the offender to suspension and possible revocation of account privileges.

Transactional Interference

This happens when any member deliberately tries to interfere with or condemn any transaction through email or telephonic communication with the participants. This does not apply to legitimate feedback through the marketplace rating system.


No type of email, forum or other harassment of members will be tolerated.


It is a violation of the rules to make any form of material misrepresentation or falsification, whether it occurs in item listings, personal information or in communications made through the marketplace system.

Avoiding Fees

In order to bring a quality service to you, we require that every Member observe the fee structure and rules in place for listing an item. Any conduct that appears to be taken to intentionally avoid fees will be considered a rule violation. This conduct includes, but is not limited to listing frauds, obtaining information from our Market to sell outside the market or ending listings early to avoid fees or create additional selling opportunities to the detriment of any Member.

Pushy Buyers

Buyers who deliberately make an offer knowing they cannot meet one or more of the terms and conditions listed in the ad. This also applies to buyers who re-bid after the seller has cancelled their bid.

Failure to Deliver

Refusing to deliver product after payment has been received or delaying delivery to extract additional charges or other gains.


It is a violation of the rules to engage in any form of indirect solicitation or spamming of members. In particular, members may not email bidders on one item to inform them of a competing item elsewhere in the marketplace. In addition, any unsolicited contact to members other than communications to sellers regarding their listings will be considered spam unless proved otherwise.

Harvesting and Publishing

It will also be a violation of our rules to harvest or attempt to harvest, republish or otherwise disseminate email addresses or other personal contact information gained during the course of legitimate or illegitimate activity on the Market Site.

Email Notices

You can set your preference to receive email notices from this site by accessing your "My Settings" screen, which can be found in the "My Account" area of the site.

Filing a Complaint

If you have engaged in a transaction with another member and the other member has exhibited conduct that you believe violates the rules of the marketplace, you may file a complaint with eTradeAds (via support ticket at this time). Even if you do file a complaint, please understand the limits of our involvement in disputes as described below.

Neither eTradeAds, nor any of its eTradeAds Classifieds Service partners are brokers, agents or auctioneers. We provide software to enable individuals to conduct classified sales of products in an automated and efficient manner. To that extent, you should treat this service no differently than you would a printed newspaper service. We are a medium by which you may interact with and conduct transactions between Eligible Users. We will not become involved in any dispute between Eligible Users other than to determine whether to restrict access to the Website by any user engaged in apparent misconduct. eTradeAds, will not resolve any disputes between Users. Users are responsible for all dispute resolution and engage in sales at their own risk. eTradeAds, reserves the right to facilitate resolution of disputes by providing information to interested parties upon request.

eTradeAds, will not tolerate fraud in the eTradeAds Classifieds Service. Even the appearance of impropriety can disrupt the integrity of the eTradeAds Classifieds Service. Accordingly, any Eligible User we suspect of engaging in fraudulent conduct (whether or not we prove such conduct) may have their listings removed (with NO REFUND) or have their account suspended or revoked. Fraud or misconduct shall be deemed to include (but shall not be limited to) the items specified in our general rules set forth below:

  • Misrepresentation within the context of any listing, communication or transaction
  • Transactional interference
  • Fee avoidance
  • Fraud of any type
  • Breach of contract
  • Harassment of Users
  • Libelous communication
  • Violation of any law of the United States of America or of any of its constituent states.

eTradeAds may, in its sole discretion take whatever action it deems necessary to maintain the propriety and integrity of the eTradeAds Classifieds Service, even if such action includes suspension or permanent revocation of your privileges here. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE ON THIS SITE. YOU HAVE A PRIVILEGE AND A LICENSE, WHICH MAY BE REVOKED AT ANY TIME.